Seeking to answer the mysterious emotions that arose in his career as a psychiatrist, the Artist began to explore his own inner landscape in various mediums including oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel.  He is fluent in all areas of subject matter including still life, the portrait, figure, landscape, and animals.  He practices the arbitrary selection of color based on his own emotional state.  Believing in the mysterious connection of animals and the human spirit, Phillips often combines sensuous females in an atmosphere of exotic wildlife including leopards, wolves, ravens, tigers, and orangutans.

          Raised in the small town of Wink, Texas, the Artist recognizes his own need to record visions of arid landscapes covered in exotic fauna.  It is his  belief that Frank Lloyd Wright was correct when he said, “a house should never be on the land but of it.”  In that regard, the Artist believes he should paint not on but of his own native soil, and that it is a key factor in keeping him authentic to himself.  Desert landscapes therefore mark many of his works.

          Just as Phillips went into psychiatry to diagnose and solve his own problems, so it is in painting.  It has never been merely an academic pursuit. 

          He remains FUBAR.

Dewayne Kenneth Phillips